USHJA creates special task force in Amateur committee
to address ARAA issues

The USHJA today elected to create a special task force in their amateur committe to address some of the issues the Amateur Rider Association of America has continued to support, such as the standardization of height, width and numbers in the Low, Medium and High Amateur owner divisons in the country.

Elected on this task force is Tracey Weinberg, USHJA amateur co-chair, Ariane Stiegler, ARAA President, Elaine Fresch, Charles Jacobs, Magaret O’Meara, Danielle and Jimmy Torano, Kim Land, Marnye Langer and David Disler as Advisor.

Ariane Stiegler, President of the ARAA is thrilled to work with the USHJA and have to opportunity to now make some rule changes in the sport regarding these issues.

March 9, 2016

Ariane Stiegler - ARAA President, in the Palm Beach Post in February 2016 discusses her plans with WEF to improve the Amateur Owner jumper divisions in the USA.


March 7 2016
ARAA Founder Ariane Stiegler discussion with The Chronicle of The Horse her goals for the A/O jumper divisions this year in the USA.


Published on Feb 26, 2016

Published on Mar 15, 2014

Amateur Rider Association of America on SidelinesTV
Ariane Stiegler of the Amateur Riders Association of America discusses the foundation of the association and the conditions that precipitated it's formation.

Today's Equestrian - March 2013 - Page 16

New Organization For Amateur Show Jumper Riders

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HORSES IN THE MORNING Episode 563 - 01-02-2013

Sidelines - December 12, 2012

A new association for amateurs has been created — The Amateur Rider Association of America.


November 5, 2012 The Chronicle of the Horse
Group Forms Amateur Rider Association Of America
By: Megan Brincks

A group of amateur horse show competitors created the Amateur Rider Association of America with the intention of bettering the show experience for amateurs.

The riders seek to promote fair competition and an improved quality of experience in the amateur divisions on the A-rated show circuit.

Although the ARAA plans to start by focusing on the jumper divisions, Ariane Stiegler, one of the founding members, said they hope to extend to the hunter divisions as well.

“We thought we could form our own group to discuss our issues,” said Stiegler. “We do have a lot of issues we’d like to take on and address and hopefully solve in terms of how the shows are run in terms of the amateurs. I think it’s important.”

Stiegler, who lives in Connecticut, said the association will be member-directed to decide which specific issues they’d like to address.

To get involved, interested competitors can search for the Amateur Rider Association of America  on Facebook or email the association at